Versteijnen Logistics

„We have been working with Synergie to our complete satisfaction since 2000 and get the quality and flexibility we need.

Because of Synergie’s high delivery reliability and its high-quality, flexible staff, we are able to handle daily operations in a timely manner with a minimal permanent group of employees. For questions and requests, they are available 24 hours a day, so you can rightly say that Synergie is the partner, for better or worse.”

My Jewellery 

„Over the past year, our cooperation with Synergie has continued on an upward trend. Our warehouse is growing by the day and we need all the helping hands for that. Synergie is ready to introduce the best employees and be able to place them.

Synergie’s employees are hard-motivated workers who give their best every day. They are toppers within our company!

I am in daily contact with your colleague Ewa, which I like very much and can only praise. We hope for a good long cooperation with each other!”

CEVA Logistics

„As a leading company in e-commerce services, we guide our clients with innovative and smart solutions to make their webshops excel. Scalability is an important aspect of this. Synergie has been thinking along with us for years and together we have built up a large pool of flex workers. As soon as the demand for extra staff increases, they can quickly scale up the number of flex workers. Delivery reliability and attendance rates are high. Synergy takes a hands-on approach combined with close mutual cooperation leads to the best results for our company.”

Berco Truck Components

„Berco has a long-term partnership with Synergie, which is familiar with Berco’s corporate philosophy and working culture in general.

This requires consultation and explanation between Berco and Synergie about their requirements. Any necessary adjustments are made in consultation. This is the basis of our good cooperation. No misunderstandings, no creating expectations that cannot be met, clarity.

This results in satisfied employees (with a commercially sound output) and an efficient combination of people and work AND therefore results. Synergy responds well to this, anticipates and comes up with proposals and ideas where necessary, thinking along with you. This gives confidence for further cooperation between Berco and Synergie for years to come.”


„My experience with Synergie is that it is a club that decisively manages their processes with a flat organisation. The enthusiasm with which this is done radiates energy and shows us that everything is being done to achieve objectives.

This drive and decisiveness are also reflected in the recruitment and selection of flex workers. So-called mis-matches hardly ever occur and if they do, they are handled decisively in consultation with us.

The contact between the recruiter and the flex workers is easily accessible and intensive, which benefits the flex workers’ commitment.

In short; a pleasant organisation to work with that stands by what they agree with us.”

Van den Heuvel Logistiek

Synergie has been a reliable partner for Van den Heuvel Logistiek for both temporary workers and payroll for many years.

The speed with which SIR can supply highly professional professionals amazes us every time. Whether it is a truck driver, forklift driver or warehouse employee, they deliver what we need. Even last-minute requests

late at night can be filled for the next day or even ad hoc.

We have also been using SIR’s Payroll department for many years. Because of the competitive rates in combination with the well-automated and error-free processing of hours, we place all our Payroll employees with SIR.

Because SIR has several offices in the region, personal contact with the employees is very good.