Working via Synergie

The moment we get in touch with you as an international employee, our personal coaching commences. Together, we look at the possibilities and determine how we can help each other best.

Once employed by us, we take care of an optimal working environment so that you can focus purely on the job. All other ancillary matters, such as housing, the trip to The Netherlands, transport, and administrative matters, like registration at the compulsory health insurance and any application of a CSN number, are taken care of by us.

“Now I am working through Synergie, I have fixed hours and the opportunity to work overtime. Ideal.”

Working at Synergie
At Synergie, you can find many different kinds of work. We mediate in permanent and temporary jobs in the logistics, manufacturing, metal, food, and construction industry. Examples of jobs are forklift and/or reach truck drivers, production workers, inbound and outbound employees, order pickers or voice pickers, all-round logistics employees, technical production staff, and all common “extra hands”.
If you are looking for such a job, please check our current job offer quickly. Or register yourself directly by means of the registration form.

If desired, we can take care of housing for our employees. The housing is managed by an external partner and meets the quality requirements of the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen). This shows that the standard for housing in the area of space and privacy, sanitary facilities, safety and hygiene facilities, fire safety, information provision, and other requirements are met. We find it important that employees feel at home. If the conditions are properly controlled, you enjoy going to work even more.

We have a reliable and representative fleet. Employees can get a bicycle or car at their disposal or they are carpooling together to and from work. We accommodate our employees always as close as possible to their workplace. In that way, we try to limit unnecessary long working days by long commutes.

If you start working as a temporary worker through Synergie, the rights and obligations listed in the ABU CAO for Temporary Workers apply. From your first working day, you will be remunerated in accordance with the hirer’s remuneration or CAO of the client where you are working. Synergie believes that equal pay for all our employees is the basis of successful cooperation. The hirer’s remuneration consists of the following six elements: period wage in the scale, working time reduction (ADV), overtime allowances, shift work allowance, salary increase, reimbursement of expenses, and periodic wage increases.
We pay our salaries every week, based on the hours worked the previous week.

“Everything is well organized and the contracts are clear. Am I not able to figure out something?  Then I call or app, and I am helped immediately.”

Synergie app
If you start working through Synergie, you will get access to our mobile Synergie app. Here you can at all times access your documents, such as contracts, payroll tax forms, the house rules of Synergie. The app also offers you the option to digitally sign the required documents. In addition, you’ll find your weekly schedule in the app. Do you have any questions? Use the chat feature to get in touch with our staff right away.