What is the best way to apply for a job? When do I get paid my salary? Find answers to these questions and more here!

You can apply for a job in multiple ways. When you have seen a vacancy for which you would like to be considered, you can leave your details through the button “apply directly”.
Of course, you can also send us an open application. This can be done via the website or you can send your application directly to contact@synergiejobs.nl

The only things you should bring is an (up-to-date) curriculum, a valid ID (passport or identity card), your CSN-number (copy Tax Administration), driving license, and relevant training certificates (reach truck or forklift, VCA Safety Certificate (Basic/FULL), TIG / MIG-MAG welding, etc.).

If you start working as a temporary worker through Synergie, the rights and obligations listed in the ABU CAO for Temporary Workers apply. From your first working day, you will be remunerated in accordance with the hirer’s remuneration or CAO of the client where you are working. The hirer’s remuneration consists of the following six elements: period wage in the scale, working time reduction (ADV), overtime allowances, shift work allowance, shifted hours allowance, salary increase, reimbursement of expenses, and periodic wage increases.

All our temporary workers, unless otherwise agreed, receive the wages weekly, based on the hours of the previous week. In the event of exceptions around holidays, we shall timely inform everyone on the adjusted payment date.

We believe that the success of the temporary worker is paramount. Employees with whom we have a pleasant working relationship may also count on Phase B and C, in consultation with their client and Synergie. With regard to this, we look at the needs of you and the customer.

In case of illness, you should report ill to Synergie in person and by phone as soon as possible, at least 1 hour before the start of the service. We are accessible 24/7 on 0031-(0)73-547 0579.

If you have any other questions you can ask us via our contact form.