Working with Synergie

Need assessment
As a client of Synergie International Recruitment, you get what you need. Making the best match between the right International worker, customer and job is the synergy that we want to reach every day. Together with our clients, we determine the current need but we also look at long-term success.

First-time right
Candidates who register with Synergie provide their details and wishes online, of course in accordance with the directives of the privacy act. Then they can also be matched in our recruitment system Plan4Flex so that they can be scheduled to appropriate clients. If suitable, candidates are invited to the office or for an online introduction interview, to determine together with them if they will be proposed as a candidate to you, as the client. In addition, we also perform the check on the accuracy of the data and we verify the authenticity of their ID by ID-scanner. After obtaining positive references, candidates will be introduced to our clients with all information required.

From 1999, Synergie built up a database with over 75,000 job seekers, spread across the country. Our database is characterized by continuity and long-term employment relationships. By word of mouth, many new employees are introduced at Synergie. In addition to the candidates from our database, your vacancy will also actively be posted at our permanent recruitment offices abroad, on our website, and on social media channels. Together with you, we create the right employer branding, so that the quality of candidates matches the demand at that time.

Pool Management
By making use of pool management, in consultation with you, we build a pool of flex forces with virtually the same job profile. Depending on the demand we can quickly scale up and down the number of flex-forces. Tight cross planning makes that our international employees on average have worked at three clients and it is guaranteed that they achieve the desired number of hours per week.

Total HR solution
More and more clients focus on a total HR solution. As a company, nowadays you must continuously anticipate and adjust yourself to changes. The need to change is the only thing that does not change over the years. Outsource your full HR department and we make sure that you do not have to worry about it anymore. We take care of everything to the smallest detail. All this is done on the basis of one single point of contact.

Also for a worker Synergie is the place to be
From 1 January 2021, the Fair Employment Code Migrant Workers is part of the membership criteria for ABU-members who mediate migrant workers. With this code, the ABU aims to contribute to greater security for the migrant worker, fair competition, and a level playing field in the industry.
At the moment that Synergie gets in touch with a (potential) worker, our personal coaching commences. Together, we look at the possibilities and determine how we can help each other best. Once employed by us, we take care of an optimal working environment so that our workers can focus purely on the job. All other ancillary matters, such as the trip to The Netherlands, housing, transport, and administrative affairs, like care insurance and any application of a CSN number, are taken care of by us.