Synergie Netherlands has several partners we work with to ensure our boundless flexibility.

Working in Austria and Synergie have been successfully working together for years to make your employment as a hospitality employee, ski instructor or shop/rental employee a success! Working in Austria provides Austrian companies with skilled personnel and jobseekers with the best seasonal job of their life. Synergie takes care of the entire contract administration and advises on labour law issues.

For our international staff, we offer the option of organised housing. The accommodation is managed by an external partner and meets the quality requirements of the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen).  This shows that the standard for accommodation is met in terms of space and privacy, sanitary facilities, safety and hygiene, facilities, fire safety, information provision and other requirements. It is important to us that employees feel at home. If the preconditions are right, you go to work with even more pleasure.

Crisis Emergency Shelter Locations Schijndel, Heeswijk Dinther, De Moer
Synergie is committed to employing asylum seekers, status holders and refugees accommodated at crisis emergency shelter locations in various places in the Netherlands. Our experience with different nationalities, knowledge of work permits and short lines of communication with municipalities and coordinators ensure that we can make use of the talents of this target group. For instance, by organising weekly job fairs, we quickly connect candidates with a suitable workplace.

In addition to our financial sponsorship contribution, Synergie has a partnership with DUCE.  Duce is an organisation in Rotterdam of professionals and role models, who have noticed from knowledge and experience that there is a large group of children/young people, who struggle to find the right connection in society. They guide young people towards self-reliance and in their personal development so that they can participate in society. By approaching the children/young people in a positive way and empowering them, they show the children/young people how they can use their opportunities and talents. Synergy contributes to this by involving our network in the creation of work experience places and provides application workshops, among other things.