Synergie International Recruitment is a subsidiary of Synergie Nederland, which is a branch of the globally listed Synergie Group.

Over the years, Synergie has grown into a multinational company, active with almost 800 branches in eighteen different countries.

Synergie International Recruitment specializes in recruiting international employees, mainly from Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe, and in facilitating both temporary and permanent employment in a range of industries, including construction, metallurgy, logistics, and food. To highlight some examples, we provide suitable employment for forklift and/or reachtruck drivers, production employees, inbound and outbound workers, order pickers (with voice pick), all-round employees, technical production personnel and also opportunities for “extra hands”.

We are able to quickly increase and decrease numbers, depending on the (temporary) busyness or peak in your company. Based on a job profile that we create with you, we are able to carefully select employees from The Netherlands, Poland and Eastern Europe. Depending on the project, unqualified employees or skilled certified personnel can be deployed.

What do we offer?

Temporary staff
Every company has to deal with peak pressure or understaffing at some point during the year due to projects, holidays or illnesses. In terms of expenses, it is not compelling to employ individuals for this structural purpose.  Flexibility and hiring on a temporary basis is better suited to this situation.

Payrolling allows you to have the flexibility of temporary employees without the expense of hiring and screening. We undertake all of your employment law risks when we take over your temporary worker on paper.

To accommodate structural flexible labor, we offer the option of placing employees at your company via the secondment formula. This construction offers you a better bond with your temporary employees.

Recruitment & Selection
We can recruit and select candidates for a position in your company. The suitable candidate can then be hired directly by the client. We look for the right candidate with a creative market approach.

Motivated workers are given the opportunity to obtain their forklift and/or reachtruck certificate, code 95 refresher training or VCA, for example. We can also arrange complete training to become a C or CE driver. Our motivated employees are therefore guaranteed an enjoyable and demanding employment with one of our clients once they have these documents in their possession.

Synergie has accumulated a nationwide database of over 75,000 job seekers since 1999. We have a database that is distinguished by consistency and long-term employment. Many new employees are introduced to Synergie by word of mouth. In addition to the candidates from our database, your vacancy will also be actively advertised to our permanent recruitment agencies abroad, on our website, various job boards and social media channels. We develop the ideal employer branding in partnership with you to ensure that the quality of applications you receive meets your requirements.

Pool management
In consultation with you, we use pool management to create a pool of flexible workers that share nearly the same job profile. We can swiftly scale up or down the number of flex workers based on demand. Because of tight cross-planning, our staff members have, on average, worked for three clients and are assured of working the number of hours they choose each week.