As a complete service provider in the staffing industry, we are in continuous and daily contact with people. We are very aware of the responsibility this entails. After all, a person’s employment plays a significant role in their lives. For this reason, in addition to striving to provide the greatest services possible, we also wish to contribute to society. We like to explain this using the three P’s: People, Planet and Profit.

We distinguish ourselves through a personal approach when matching candidates with vacancies, looking not only at skills, but also at individual needs and ambitions. In addition, we invest in the development of our temporary workers by offering jobs with training opportunities, not only improving their current skills but also enhancing their career prospects. We ensure the well-being of our temporary workers by guaranteeing good working conditions, offering appropriate fringe benefits and providing assistance in case of any problems, including a network of specialists aimed at speeding up the recovery process of ill employees.

We also strive for diversity and inclusion in our recruitment process. Active commitment to equal opportunities for all candidates, regardless of background, is at the heart of our approach. By ensuring a diverse pool of candidates, we aim not only to reflect society, but also to create a dynamic and innovative working environment.

At Synergie, we attach great importance to continuously reducing CO2 emissions. We pursue this on several fronts, in particular by taking a critical look at our vehicle fleet and the efficient use of both the cars of our temporary and permanent employees. We increasingly opt for more fuel-efficient cars with reduced CO2 emissions and use electric vehicles. In addition, the further digitalisation of our work processes contributes to reduced emissions, thanks to lower consumption of (letter) paper, envelopes and other printed matter. Our head office has been completely renovated, making it fully carbon-neutral.

Partnerships and sponsorships are essential pillars that contribute significantly to our agency’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. By strategically partnering with other organisations and sponsoring relevant initiatives, we are able to achieve both beneficial social and environmental impacts while strengthening our business objectives.