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What is the ET-scheme?

04 augustus 2020

When you work as a migrant worker in the Netherlands, you must meet certain requirements, such as having a BSN number and health insurance. Most of our staff is aware of that, and if not we help them arrange all necessarry. Less known is the ET-scheme which gives compensation in your weekly income. But what exectly is the ET-scheme?

This is a tax scheme that makes it possible to give employees who live abroad and who work temporarily in the Netherlands a tax-free reimbursement for additional costs incurred because they temporarily work outside the country of origin. The Collective Labor Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers makes it possible for a temporary employment agency and a temporary worker to make agreements to exchange part of the wages for a reimbursement of ET costs. A temporary worker then waives a piece of taxed wages and receives tax-free compensation in return. 

Of course it is subject to conditions and rules, but we are happy to help our employees to check whether they can make use of this scheme.
Further information can be requested by email : contact@synergiejobs.nl or just call the office 073-5496216  


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