Rozenburg (AMS)
40 hours

At this international warehouse you will be part off a small and coöperating team. The customer is Japanese, and therefor everyone speaks English. You can imagine a multicultural setting!

Co zamierzasz zrobić?

As an orderpicker in this warehouse, you will be picking with a handscanner. No heavy products, so any person can handle. When you are experienced in this part of the work, they will train you to be more allround.
This will be packing and crossdock work. Of course Synergie stimulates you to learn driving a forklift or even a reachtruck when this is one of your ambitions. 

Co Wam oferujemy?

In this job you will be able to work on the days that suits you best. Want to have monday off? then you can have a schedule from tuesday to saturday!
Just let us know what is best for you, and we'll work around that. You're supervisors  are one of the best. They will welcome you on you're first day, and guide you through.
Long time ago they started just like you, as a temporary worker, and know exactly what is is like to enter a new team. 

  • €12,69 for all hours.
  • A fulltime job.
  • Travelcost of €0,19 ct per km, with a maximum of 60 km one way per day.
  • Working between 08.30-17.30 'o clock.
Kim jesteś?

You're ready for that job where you see yourself the next years and longer! You have some experience in orderpicking and feel pleasant in an international environment. 
Because you are working in airfreight the requirement is that you have a VOG or VBG statement, within 6 weeks after your starting date. We will help you arrange this, if you don't know how to. 

Gdzie będziesz pracować?

This job is at a big International logistic company, but in the Netherlands it is a nice and small operation. This makes it that you will be part of the team in no time and they will always look what qualitys you have.

Osoba kontaktowa
Agnieszka Stadnik 0031(6)-10993879