Working at Synergie!

Working at Synergie

Synergie International Recruitment B.V. is together with Synergie Logistiek and Synergie Uitzendbureau part of the French international and listed firm Synergie Group S.A.. Throughout the years Synergie Group S.A. has become a multinational with over 750 locations in over seventeen different countries.  From these locations over 60.000 people are employed daily, making Synergie Group S.A. one of the market leaders in France and 5th in Europe.

Our personal approach starts as soon as we get in contact with (potential) employees. Together we review the possibilities to decide how we can help each other in the best way possible. Once employed we will ensure an optimal work environment to assure the employee can solely focus on labor. Additional activities such as travelling to the Netherlands, housing, transport and administrative obligations such as health insurance and requesting a BSN-number will be taken care of by us.

Synergie has a large variety of job opportunities to offer. We mediate in permanent- and temporary jobs in the logistics-, production-, metal-, food- and construction sector. Examples are for instance forklift truck drivers, production employees, in- and outbound employees, order- or voice pickers, all-round logistics employees, technical production employees and all types of “spare hands” job opportunities.

If requested, we will provide housing for our employees. The housing provided is in control of an external partner which meets the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) quality requirements. This ensures a sufficient level of personal space and privacy, sanitary, safety and hygiene, services, fire safety, information provision and remaining demands.  It is important to us that employees feel at home at their stay. When everything surrounding it is taken care of, work becomes even more satisfactory.

We have access to a reliable and representative car supply. Employees can be provided with a bike or car, or either carpool to and from work. We always house our employees as close as possible to their work location. In this way we try to limit unnecessary long workdays due to long travel times.

We offer many job opportunities in logistics, production and engineering. When you are looking for a job as warehouse employee, order picker, production employee, metal employee, welding (Tig / Mig etc.), CNC-turner/miller, you are at the right address!

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FAQ (frequently Asked Questions)

Will I get payed less if I work via Synergie instead of being employed by the client itself?
No, it makes no difference. In the ABU CAO (collective employment agreement) is stated that from march 30th 2015 onwards the first day of temporary assignment will be compensated equal to the hirer’s wage.

Which CAO (collective employment agreement) applies to me if I work via Synergie?
When you as temporary worker are going to work via Synergie, rights and duties apply stated in the ABU CAO for temporary workers. From the first day of employment you are compensated conform the hirer’s wage or CAO of the client you are stationed. The hirer’s wage is composed of the following six elements: periodic wage in a scale, employment reduction or ADV (arbeidsduurverkoring), allowances for overtime, shift work, shifted hours, wage increases, cost compensation and periodic increase in scale.

What do I have to bring to my intake at Synergie?
The only requirements are a CV (up-to-date), a valid proof of identity (passport or ID-card), your BSN-number (proof tax authority), driver’s license and relevant schooling certificates (reach- or forklift truck, VCA (Basis/VOL), Tig / Mig-mag, etc.).

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Pension Plan StiPP

When you are active as a temporary worker, the working activities have consequences for your retirement. Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Personeelsdiensten (StiPP) monitors your pension. StiPP has two pension plans: the Base Plan and the Plus Plan.

  • The Base Plan:
    Are you a temporary worker employed over 26 weeks at the same employee?
    You will participate in the Base plan.
  • The Plus Plan:
    Are you a temporary worker employed over 78 weeks in the branch for personnel services?
    You will generate pension through the Plus plan.

    Synergie assures you will be signed up for the appropriate plan. Do you want to know more about the Base plan and/or Plus plan? You can find several brochures which briefs you through the pension plans down below.