Bas Hermes
Managing Director
Bas Hermes - Managing Director

In his function as General Director, Bas makes sure that we as a team achieve our results in a work environment that is as pleasant for everyone. Bas tells it like it is, often very directly but honestly. Moreover, he expects the same from us and that is pleasant. After 15 years with Synergie he still enjoys being at the helm.

Jan-Hein Korsten
Operational manager
Jan-Hein Korsten - Operational manager

Jan-Hein is one of our longest-standing colleagues, absolutely one of a kind. He’s always there, not necessarily physically, but it feels like that. He likes to start the day with a cup of freshly made (filter!) coffee, after which he discusses the day with us. Only during the carnival you cannot phone him, he says, but we all know better. After all, no-one is more annoyed than he is when someone cannot be reached or does not respond quickly enough.

Kim Tibosch
HR manager
Kim Tibosch - HR manager

Kim is our HR manager and hails from the time when our organisation was called ADR. On behalf of the whole team she answers questions concerning staff issues and she also advises the management on the trends and developments in agency work. For Kim, a pleasant work environment is one without cold feet.

Suzan van Lier
Suzan van Lier - Projectmanager

Suzan is also one who has stuck with Synergie for a long time – 17 years now. With her many years of experience she manages new projects again and again, and she is the one who is best in streamlining and monitoring our work processes. Are you at a loss? Ask Suus. The only thing she asks in return is that appointments are met, for she is also punctual!

Ineke van Driel
Financial administration
Ineke van Driel - Financial administration

‘Our’ Ineke. Everyone will say the same: Ineke is the team’s mother. Always caring and atmosphere-enhancing. Always positive and in for a joke, but also responsible for our financial administration since many a year. Need something? You name it and Ineke has it in her drawer. We can all depend on her.

Dorien van Goch
Dorien van Goch - Accountmanager

Dorien is listed as our Account Manager. She has been doing lots of things beside that. She handles our marketing and social media, implements new customers and supervises trainees. Actually, Dorien is the only one with a flexplace: through the years, she has occupied just about every desk in our office. For us as a team she also has one important role: that of ‘party manager’. Together with Kim, she organises the annual memorable staff outings.


Ninja Dielemans
Financial administration
Ninja Dielemans - Financial administration

All our invoices go through Ninja. She is brilliant in debtor management and a champion of ‘Battle of the Hits’. She knows all the songs on the radio. Working with Ninja is always enjoyable and just like the whole team, she is always helpful. Incidentally, she does not like surprises at all, both private and in our administration.

Malwina Karczewska
Salary administration
Malwina Karczewska - Salary administration

Malwina is what you call a ‘workhorse’. Together with her colleagues of the salary administration she ensures every week that all agency workers get their salary on time. After her workday at the office with us, she invariably goes to her dogs at home and has another go at the crypto figures. She hates unravelling work, but still does it for everyone.

Lieke van der Brugge
Salary administration
Lieke van der Brugge - Salary administration

Lieke is part of the salary administration. This entails a lot of exceptions and questions, but Lieke will put her teeth into it and figures everything out until everyone has an answer. Some chitchat in between and she has had another successful day at Synergie.

Karolina Kowalska
Salary administration
Karolina Kowalska - Salary administration

Karolina may be the most silent colleague in the office. But she probably says more about the rest of the team. Her work is always structured and organised. We could all learn from that. You can always turn to her with your problems because Karolina does not panic easily. Only with snow on the road she is less comfortable.

Rebekka de Graaf
Salary administration
Rebekka de Graaf - Salary administration

Rebekka is our latest asset in the team. A fine addition to our salary administration, she can handle the weekly deadline in this department perfectly. She is also social and practical, which makes working with her enjoyable. She has patience with everyone who does their best, which is a quality that fits our profession perfectly.

Paul Ploegmakers
Paul Ploegmakers - Planner

Paul is a colleague who is almost part of the furniture. Every day he is the first in, starting at his own pace. The rest of the day he is presented with all kinds of things, which is exactly what he enjoys in his work. Paul is the most helpful colleague there is and even shares regularly from his biscuit drawer. You can understand why we love to have him around.

Ewa Grabowska
Ewa Grabowska - Planner

Ewa is one of our planners. Give her 10 balls and she will keep them in the air. For a planner, this quality is indispensable, but she also enjoys it. The contacts with many different people in combination with much autonomy is what she enjoys most in her work. Her closest colleagues sometimes call her Edyta Gorniak (Polish singer), because Ewa sings along with anything in the office.

René van den Broek
René van den Broek - Planner

When René was employed by Synergie, it was not clear at all what exactly he was to do, but this is true for many of us. But as soon as you can turn autonomy and variation into a result and enjoy it too, then you are at the right place with us. René brings structure and is solution-oriented. He finds it important that you meet appointments and hates bad coffee.

Agnieszka Stadnik
Agnieszka Stadnik - Planner

Agnieszka is the only colleague without a mailbox (in use). If you need Agnieszka, call her. She does not handle side cases, but we accept that because she is brilliant in recruitment. When not working she is travelling. She goes all around the world, returning with the loveliest photos.

Katarzyna Kosakowska
Katarzyna Kosakowska - Planner

When you ask Katarzyna something, you know what she will do, and often immediately. Katarzyna is structured in her work, which is very convenient as she changes her planning several times a day, which is madness sometimes. The autonomy and freedom that go with her job ensure a good balance. In principle, Katarzyna works from our in-house location. When she is in the office, she realises again that she does not like noise at work.

Patrycja Blommers
Patrycja Blommers - Planner

Patrycja works at the planning department. She supervises agency workers from the start and at work. She enjoys the contacts with many different people. Her creativity is a great asset. That apart from Dutch she also speaks Polish, English and German is a great advantage.

Lukas ten Ham
Project employee Austria
Lukas ten Ham - Project employee Austria

Lukas has worked for Synergie over a year now, but to him it feels like one month; time flies thanks to the varied work. He is therefore excellently suited for Working in Austria, for he claims to be the best at skiing, especially the mogul slopes. And eat a pizza and have a beer afterwards, because cooking is not a quality that he possesses.