Synergie International Recruitment is part of the international and listed Synergie Group. In the Netherlands, Synergie consists of:

Through the years, Synergie has grown into a multinational company that operates with nearly 750 branches in seventeen different countries. Of course, we are certified according to the NEN 4400-1 Standard and we are ABU-member. In that way, we guarantee you, as the hirer, that you are working with a reliable partner.

Synergie International Recruitment is specialized in the temporary employment of international staff, mainly from Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe, and mediates permanent and temporary jobs in various sectors, e.g., the logistics, manufacturing, metal, food, and construction sector. Examples of jobs are forklift and/or reach truck drivers, production workers, inbound and outbound employees, order pickers (voice pickers) all-round logistics employees, technical production staff, and all common "extra hands".

We can quickly scale up and scale down numbers, depending on the (temporary) pressure or peak in your company. The workers are carefully selected in The Netherlands, Poland, and Eastern Europe, based on a job description set up together with you. Depending on the project, unqualified workers or properly qualified certified personnel can be deployed.

What are our options?

Temporary Employment
Every company has sometimes to deal with peak periods or under-staffing due to holidays or illness throughout the year. For cost reasons, it is not interesting for people to cover this structurally with people on your payroll. Flexibility and temporary hire fit better in this situation.

In the case of payrolling, you will get the flexibility of a temporary employee, without the cost of recruitment and selection. On paper, we take up your temporary worker and in that way also all your risks under labour laws.

We offer the opportunity to post employees in your company via the secondment formula to cover structural flexible employment. This construction offers you more commitment with your temporary workers.

Recruitment & Selection
We also offer the option to recruit and select candidates for a position. Subsequently, the suitable candidate can be employed directly by the client. With a creative market approach, we go looking for the right candidate.

We give motivated employees the opportunity, for example, to obtain their forklift and/or reach truck certificate or the Basic Safety Certificate of the VCA. With these papers in their possession, motivated workers are then assured of a fun and challenging job at one of our clients.