From then to now

Synergie International Recruitment B.V. is, together with Synergie Logistiek and Synergie Uitzendbureau in The Netherlands, part of the French and international, listed, Synergie Groep S.A. Through the years, Synergie Groep S.A. has grown into a multinational company, already operating with over 750 branches in seventeen different countries. From these locations, over 50,000 employees are put to work every day. This makes Synergie Groep SA one of the market leaders in France and it is ranked as 5th in Europe.

In The Netherlands, the current Synergie International Recruitment was established as ADR Uitzendgroep. The company was founded in 1999 and, initially, the first temporary workers from England were seconded with various clients in the region. Hence the name: Anglo Dutch Recruitment (ADR). Not much later, Polish employees were recruited for the Dutch labour market. Subsequently, the growth continued and to be able to further shape the company, a few years later it moved to its current office location in Schijndel (Madame Curieweg - Industrieterrein Duin II). A perfect location, surrounded by most of our clients from the region. Sometime later, the name was changed in ADR Personeelsdiensten. Since the acquisition by Synergie Groep SA in 2008, we were able to expand our services, especially in the field of temporary employment. From January 2013, we bear the name Synergie International Recruitment. 

Nowadays, at Synergie International Recruitment, we work with a team of 20 employees. The team is characterized by long employments and colleagues of all ages. Collaboration is obvious, but the shared responsibility makes that the organization is successful and continues to grow.