As a complete service provider in the temporary employment sector, we are constantly and daily in contact with people. We are very aware of the responsibility which this entails. Work is of great importance in the life of a man. That is why we not only strive to be the best in our services but also offer a social added value. 

Our sponsorship policy focuses on finding a match between the commitment of our expertise and the requests and needs of society. We do this by regionally provide financial support to various sports clubs. Where required, we try to employ our knowledge and expertise.

Synergie thinks it is important to keep paying attention to the further reduction of CO2 emissions. We do this on several fronts, mainly by keeping a critical eye on the car park and the most efficient possible use of the cars of our temporary workers and permanent staff. More and more, we choose more fuel-efficient cars with reduced CO2 emissions and we make use of flexible electric vehicles. By the further digitalization of the work processes, the emissions are reduced further by lower consumption of (letter) paper, envelopes, and other printed matters.

In addition to the sponsorship of sports clubs, Synergie International Recruitment sponsors and supports various initiatives and good causes:

SOS700 is a foundation of entrepreneurs from Schijndel who has the ambition to work for the community of Schijndel. The activities SOS 700 organizes are intended to be for all ages and have the objective to liven things up.

Catharina Research Fund
Synergie contributes to the Catharina Research Fund Foundation. This foundation is committed to the funding of scientific research in the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. Bas Hermes, director of Synergie International Recruitment, is also an ambassador of this Research Fund. The Catharina Research Fund Foundation organizes, now and in the future, various activities and events with the aim to collect money for further scientific research, for example on various types of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.